About AKN Architects

Who We Are

We believe in sustainable designs that are environmentally and socially responsible so that human existence can continue to flourish; and at the same time leaving a legacy for future generations.

AKN Architects was founded in October 1998 by Mr Ang Kian Nam. All the while, he was very aware that the natural environment was threatened by the (mainly) economic activities of mankind. He believed the harmony between man and his environment can be drastically improved. The near dis-connect between the urban man and his natural environment can be re-established for mutual benefit.

The projects undertaken by the firm over the years showcase the attempts to bridge this dis-connect. Through experience, the firm believes that there is economic gain when man-nature balance improves.

Why Us?

The staff working in AKN Architects has a combined experience of more than 3 decades in Architecture, Masterplanning and Urban Design. Projects undertaken, if they are not aborted by clients for whatever reason, were successfully implemented. Besides experience, the firm is fully committed to the design profession by the constant acquisition of cutting edge skill sets, technology and equipment. 

The firm also has a full ecosystem of designers, engineers and other allied professions for comprehensive  professional service. The firm can bring value to the projects by facilitating financial, business consulting and legal linkages.